Hold'em Poker For Advanced Players

David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth have built up quite a reputable collection of titles covering poker from the beginner to pro. Again they have collaborated to write an informative book for poker players with “Hold’em Poker For Advanced Players”. Focusing on the expert strategy and concepts Sklansky and Malmuth have republished this book to keep up with the ever changing styles of play. This book is definitely not for the beginning hold’em player, the book assumes readers understand a wide variety of advanced concepts.
The two thoroughly discuss hole card play, semi-bluffing, free cards, inducing bluffs, draws, playing flopped pairs, playing trash, desperation bets, wild and loose games, reading hands, short handed games and psychology. Although ideas in this book are advanced, they are still expressed clearly through numerous strategic ideas and hand examples. Sklansky has a knack for deeply thought out concepts discussed simply, which may have something to do with his reputation as the number one authority on poker today. For any serious hold’em player looking to study new strategies and advanced concepts this book is perfect.

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