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If you decide to play poker online you need to learn. Poker books, internet poker schools, experts advice will teach you not only the basic rules of the game, but the best strategies too. Also exercising with free poker games offered by online poker rooms will be a priceless instrument to give a boost to your game.

Have fun and training with our Poker Games

Good Ol' Poker

Island Pai Gow Poker

Good Ol' Poker is the classic game of 5 card stud, but with some twists. To start things off, pick a character that will represent you in the game. Each character has unique attributes (like aggressiveness of play style or cheat ability) and special ability (like the ability to peek into opponents cards). The purpose of the game is to get the best score (amount of money) in a poker round. A round consists of 15 hands. The hand is a classic set of dealing, betting and drawing. You can use your character's special ability to cheat in the game, but only when the Confidence bar is loaded to maximum. The bar loads 10 per cent each hand and 35 per cent when you win a hand. Use your ability very carefully, as sometimes the opponents will notice that something is wrong! Good luck!

Many palms, the sun and the beach make an exotic background; nice music and excellent graphics of the game Island Pai Gow Poker win any online casino player's favour right away. While playing the novice and the man who is an expert in cards feel certainty because to play Island Pai Gow Poker is very simple! Just put a bet! During the game you play with the computer one on one, each competing to make the best possible hands. Playing Island Pai Gow poker is the perfect way to improve your skill in this game before experiencing real money tables.

Poker Solitaire

Speed Holdem

It is an online video poker game where each row and each column of cards on the screen is the equivalent of a poker hand. As the cards are dealt one at a time from the desk, you need to place them on the right side of the screen to try to create the best possible combination of poker hands on each row and column. This is one of the classical casino games and as such is a staple at any casino. The best online casino may offer this kind of game too.

Choose the best Texas-Holdem hand as quickly as possible! You will see a flop of 5 cards and 2 hands. Select the better hand - the hand that creates the best combination together with the flop cards. Your score is based on how quickly you selected the right hand. Choosing the wrong hand costs points. This game is for sure a good training for turbo and super turbo tournaments.

Royal Poker

Poker Splash

A simple and easy poker game; just point, click, and play. You can even publish your results. Royal Poker can also be played in the form of video poker and most of the online casinos around. Video poker is a standard feature now in most gaming sites.

Poker Splash is a game of falling playing cards blocks. To clear blocks you need to make valid poker hands (two pair or better) by either row or column.

Popular Articles

Potential WSOP bracelet winners

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is nearly upon us. The yearly event is the most prestigious in the world of poker and one that every poker player wants to shine in. As always, the best poker players will flock to Vegas hoping to add at least another bracelet to their collection. While everyone is familiar with bracelet winners, ones who fall at the wayside don't live on in the memory. So which players will be looking to end their bracelet duck?

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Mobile gaming on the rise in the UK

Not so long ago, if you wanted to play casino games online, you'd have to download casino software and also commit a certain amount of cash to start playing. Today, however, it's far easier to play games online with no need to download and no need even to put any of your own money into an account to play. You don't even need to play on a pc or laptop - many casino websites now have mobile-compatible games.

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Best Poker Bonus

As an online poker player, one must always play smart and play safe. Therefore, it is critical that all aspiring poker players seize the opportunities for the best poker bonuses available on the net. However, it is not an easy task for newcomers to the field of online poker. This article will help you understand more about the poker bonuses and how to make the most out of them.

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Learn how to win the odds

Although many people think that like roulette, Texas Hold'em is a game of pure chance, this is not exactly true. Of course, there is luck at the table but this game also requires a lot of skills and a lot of knowledge. Knowing the mathematics behind the game is also a necessity. You should be familiar with things like hand odds, pot odds and outs in order to learn how to become a good player.

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The Secrets of Texas Holdem Poker

Everybody knows that Texas Holdem happens to be the most well-known kind of poker game in today's day and age. In fact, it is practically unthinkable to have traditional or online rooms of poker that don't feature Texas Holdem in at least one form. Texas Holdem also happens to be the top game for the greatest cash tournaments of poker in history and this includes the primary event of 'World Series Poker' that crowns world poker champions every year.

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Poker odds and counting your outs

As a beginner, your first objective should be to shake off your sucker status as soon as possible and to begin to sharpen your skills right away. No, you're not the next Doyle Brunson, regardless of the lucky streak you hit as soon as you begin to play and quite frankly, the odds are that you shall never become anything close to poker legend status. Don't let that get you down though, the good news is, it doesn't really take that much to catch up with the overwhelming majority of online poker players out there.

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Think like a pro

I always say: to win like a pro you must think like a pro, to think like a pro you must know what a pro thinks :-) ... and what can you learn if the pro is also a legend? Let's discover Doyle Brunson.

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Optimal vs. non-optimal strategy in poker

... In The Theory of Poker, David Sklansky utilizes game theory to discuss whether or not to call a possible bluff. He writes:

   "Usually when your hand can beat only a bluff, you use your experience and judgment to determine the chances your opponent is bluffing . . . However, against an opponent whose judgment is as good as yours or better than yours, or one who is capable of using game theory to bluff, you in your turn can use game theory to thwart that player or at least minimize his profits."

But what game theory really teaches you is to play "well", in the sense of optimally.

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   Poker News

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GGPoker awarded online poker license in Germany - Yogonet International

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Andrew Wilson Wins WPT Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open for $785800 - World Poker Tour

Andrew Wilson Wins WPT Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open for $785800  World Poker Tour

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Internet poker played at an established online poker room is safe, challenging and just as exciting as the real thing. Just like a real poker room you're playing against real people for real money, but from the comfort of your own computer. Even though not usually known for their great offer of poker rooms, also online casinos may be considered a viable option.

Probably you have never thought you could enjoy a game of poker while playing darts. It is an absolutely enjoying experience while spending some good time with your friends. Learn some Poker-Darts rules here.

Everyone should learn to play slots in order to get the ultimate casino playing experience. No visit to a casino is complete until you have pulled the lever and waited to see where the reels stop. This simple and exciting game is a classic favorite for all casino lovers and should be yours too! Find out why Pokies are an amazing experience.

Refresh yourself with Clockwork Oranges slot and find out what makes online slots the most popular casino game at the best online casinos around the world. And remember, when you enter into a new online casino start with the 'practice mode' play to improve your game without using your own money.

Why not try something different to poker or traditional casino games? Give bingo a try! Bingo platforms often offer also instant games to play such as scratch cards, video poker and slots. Read Bingo Etiquette and Future Proof Bingo for further information.



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