Bingo Rolls with the Times

The United Kingdom’s passion for internet gaming goes from strength to strength, as providers report record-breaking numbers hitting their sites on a daily basis. In particular, it is online bingo that is responsible for a large proportion of these figures. The style and look of bingo providers has as much to do with their popularity, and this largely comes down to the rapidly developing technology involved.

The first major technological advance with regard to the way in which we enjoy online bingo is the advent of
flash software. Such was the impact of flash that now around 75% of online video is delivered by flash applications, with the mobile industry set to follow this same route. The new-style games meant there was no need to download hefty applications in order for players to participate. Instead, players could enjoy bingo directly from the sites themselves – a major plus point when considering the next potential move for bingo is into mobile applications.

Simultaneously, software innovations allowed bingo providers to create additional games. While it was initially done to amuse players during the gaps between the main events, the idea took off to the degree that today virtually every provider has a number of additional games for players to enjoy. In some ways, it can be argued that the games on the sideline have usurped the star of the show, with many players logging on to their favourite site to sample the variety on offer. The popularity of these games snowballed, leading to progressive jackpots which have seen online players win enormous sums of up to £50,000.

The third major innovation came with the advent of chat rooms. Without doubt, social networking has been the technological phenomenon of the 21st Century, and when online bingo joined the growing trend for connecting people the magic circle was complete – players who once enjoyed bingo for the social side at their local bingo hall could now get the same benefits of interaction from their online provider.

The ultimate result of all of these technological advances has been that the value of the bingo industry has soared along with its popularity. The relationship between bingo and technology has been one that has blossomed – just like the relationships formed in the chat rooms.

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