Sit and Go Strategy

There are 2 basic Sit and Go games the single table and the multi-table. A multi-table Sit and Go is very similar to a MTT (Multi-Table Tournament) and the advice and poker strategies are essentially the same. Therefore, we will focus on the strategies that win in single table Sit and Go's.

Early Stages
There are 2 ways to play that have proven effective and the best players are able to play both strategies effectively. The first we will address is the hyper aggressive poker strategy. You play a lot of hands in this strategy. Raise every time you enter a pot. When people call, you will bet big on every flop whether you hit or not. If your opponent calls again, you need to be careful. If you can't put them on an exact hand and have it beat, you may just want to check it down or fold if they bet. If you flopped good, you want to shove on the turn. This strategy accumulates chips by winning lots of small pots. The other strategy is tight aggression. You wait for a good hand and shove. The hyper aggressive players are likely to call and double you up.

Bubble Play
Being aware of when you are about to be in the money is very important to your strategy. Some will pay only the top 3 positions and others will pay the top 5. Since these are usually 10 person tables, that means up to half the participants will walk away with some money. The last person eliminated without receiving money is the bubble. Most players will tighten up at this point and hope someone else gets busted. This is a good time to play hyper aggressive.

In the Money
Most people are happy just to make some money. Now that they know they will be paid, they are willing to play more hands and take some chances. This is a good time to play poker in a tight aggressive way. You want to play your good hands fast because there is very good chance you will get paid off.

If you made it this far, you should have a pretty good idea how the other person is playing. Now your strategy is to pound your opponent. You should have a pretty good idea when they are bluffing and when they have it. Fold when they have it and apply the pressure when they don't. Once again the cards you hold are not the most important part of your play. The more mistakes you force your opponent to make, the quicker you will win the rest of their chips.

Practice this approach and you will win more than your share of Sit and Go's

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